Billions of acres of forest and other crucial ecosystems are at risk.


The Million Acre Pledge (MAP) allows individuals, businesses, and foundations to commit to finance efforts to conserve or restore large areas of forest and other bio-rich natural areas to:

  • Save irreplaceable ecosystems, biodiversity, wildlife, and indigenous people and cultures

  • Stop CO2 emissions on ecosystem loss and enable CO2 absorption by recovering ecosystems

  • Encourage and inspire others to conserve forest and other ecosystems

Just one thousand pledgers could protect one billion acres.




sequestering CO2 equal to emissions of over 10,000,000 cars



Conservation via land purchase:

Two Million Acres:

Kris & Doug Tompkins

Financed: 100%, Conserved: 100%
Locations: Argentina, Chile
Forest: 1,000,000+ acres

Conservation of public, community or indigenous lands:

One Million Acres:

Leslie Santos & Brett Byers

Financed: 100%, Conserved: 100%
Locations: Ecuador, Peru
Forest: 1,000,000 acres

Half Million Acres:

Bernie Han

Financed: 100%, Conserved: 100%
Locations: DRC, Peru, Suriname
Forest: 500,000 acres

Quarter Million Acres:

Trammell S. Crow

Financed: 100%, Conserved: 23.7%
Locations: DRC, Suriname
Forest: 250,000 acres

Leslie Danoff & Lawrence Robbins

Financed: 100%, Conserved: 100%
Locations: DRC, Peru
Forest: 250,000 acres

Organizations via which pledgers are conserving forest and other ecosystems: